The Different Options Available To The Blackjack Player


If the player draws, it means he is asking for another card. A player can draw as many times as he wants, until he goes bankrupt, or his hand has a value of 21.


If the player stays, it means that he does not ask for any other cards. The remaining player therefore keeps his starting hand, and it is then compared to that of the dealer.


If the player doubles, it means he can choose to double his starting bet. In return, he can only request one additional card. When he chooses to double down, the player automatically stays.


If the first two cards dealt are two cards of the same value, the player can choose to separate them in order to play with two decks. For this, he must add the same bet as the starting one. When the dealer deals his “second” card to him, the player decides how to play each of these two games separately. The perfect time to split the cards is when you have aces and 8s. For more tips on how to play blackjack pairs and how to split them, please see the Split Pairs.

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Use counter-theft effectively

Poker experts consider counter-theft to be a kind of bluff . If you bluff, other players will quickly assume you have a weak hand. In this sense, if you are bluffing with a counter-steal in order to win, you need to be aware of the different factors that allow you to achieve your objective, namely, to see the other player throw their cards.

Before that, you have to observe your opponents to choose the player you want to steal. You must also take into account the cards in your hand , your table image as well as your position .

Finally, before putting a counter-steal into play, you must have a game strategy to continue playing the other cards in your hand if you have won. This plan will be useful to you so that you do not get lost out of position.

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When and why to use the Counter-theft strategy?

In practice, the counter-steal technique is a re-raise if you see that one of the players is wide-aggressive and plans to steal blinds. It’s just a kind of counterattack that lets you take advantage of that player’s strategy to win the pot.

In order to use this technique, you must choose the right time by observing your opponents. Usually, a good poker player knows he has the opportunity to raise profitably if his opponents fold close to the button . In such a situation, you can be confident that your opponents are vulnerable. Their hands won’t be strong enough to call big re-raises.

It is up to you to observe your opponents closely to assess the strength or weakness of their hands.

Also, note that the counter-stealing strategy is to be used to defend from a blind if a player raises late in position. You can also use it if you are in position.

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Understanding the Counter-theft strategy

Like limp re-raise or isolation strategies, counter-theft is a technique highly appreciated by poker players. The principle of this strategy is rather simple to understand: you must be able to take advantage of the aggressiveness of your opponents so that their way of playing turns against them! This will give you the chance to win more money with each hand.

Now that poker has become a gambling game accessible to everyone, it becomes necessary to master different game strategies to optimize your chances and win more and more money. This strategy is often applied during tournaments where the players are rather experienced or at the end of the position in order to steal blinds.

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Counter-Theft: all you need to know

To win at Texas Hold’em Poker, players must observe their opponents carefully throughout the game in order to be able to implement the most effective playing strategies. In fact, the Texas Hold’em Poker strategies are numerous so that you can adapt each technique to your way of playing as well as to the different playing situations that you may encounter. In what follows, we invite you to discover the Counter-theft strategy also known as the Resteal technique. This has a number of advantages that allow you to relent quite profitably, regardless of your hand. How to use Counter-theft? When to use it? We answer all your questions in this article.

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How to isolate the different types of players?

As you have just seen, the isolation game allows you to face a single player to have more chance of winning. However, the technique of insulation does not apply all the time for the same purposes nor in the same way. Indeed, the isolation technique can be used on three different types of players , namely:

  • limpers,
  • the maniacs,
  • short-stacks.

Each player must be isolated differently depending on your playing strategy. In this sense, you must clearly identify your opponent in order to know how to isolate him.

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When and where can the insulation set be used?

Whatever technique you want to employ to maximize your chances of winning in poker, you must learn how to use it properly.

In addition to understanding the technique and how it works, you must also learn to choose the right moment when you are going to implement it.

The isolation game is best used with a small mat if you are facing a “ Short Stack ” player. This method is generally used in tournaments where the players are practically all experienced.

Also, if you need to isolate a limper, it is best to use this technique during a cash game .

For your isolation game to be effective, you need to employ it once you are in position. This is how you will have the opportunity to increase your chances of winning a pot, especially if it has been inflated following numerous limp re-raises.

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The Isolation game: how to profit from it?

To play poker, it is important to be aware of certain techniques and strategies that will allow you to increase your chances of winning. Of course, it is not possible to win every time, but it is always more interesting to know how to make your opponents play as you would have liked. Among the poker strategies that you can use, we present here the technique of isolation. When to use it? How? ‘Or’ What ? With whom ? Find all the answers to these questions to properly set up the insulation game and optimize your earnings.

What is the insulation game?

The technique of isolation or ” Isolation move ” is an action that you can implement in order to reduce the number of opponents and thus increase your own chances of winning the pot in a hand. This technique is ideal when you do not want to play with several people on a pot and take advantage of your position according to the hand you have available. To do this, you just need to isolate a player who, according to your statistics, gives you more chances of winning. The isolation technique can also be used to win after a flop .

In practice, the isolation game involves over-throwing the player you want to isolate. The latter must have already raised at the start of a hand. In this way, you can “hunt” the other players in order to play face to face with the player you have isolated. This way, depending on your hand, you will have a 50% chance of winning the pot. Try to observe the other players well in order to target the player who will have a less strong hand than yours.

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The choice of opponents to float

When it comes to float opponents , it is best to opt for those who do not like resistance and therefore avoid calling stations. Players attempting to float should be able to drop their middle hand as well. If this is not the case and the latter falls in love with his game, the failure rate may therefore increase significantly, making the action of the float much less profitable.

Wide players are much less attractive when it comes to float, as their range of hands remains more open. Thus, they are much less readable and can therefore hit a lot of flops than tight participants. Furthermore, these players give up their game much less easily and they could therefore call the bet on the turn.

It is therefore possible to raise with an Ace of spades and a two of spades the flop is therefore the 3 of spades, the 4 of diamonds and the 10 of clubs. Although it may seem that there is no such thing as a chest pull, looking a little closer one quickly realizes the following:

  • A max Surcard,
  • A color draw from behind,
  • A draw with 4 or 5 cards.

Basically, while the player thought he had a bad hand, he ends up with a game that is not as bad as it deserves, in addition, a face to face float.

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Focus on the Floating Flop strategy

In Texas Hold’em poker like in any other casino game, strategies have their own parries. Thus, floating also makes it possible to effectively counter the “continuation bet” strategy. In the literal sense, Floating is a term which means floating, since the principle is simple. it is indeed a question of quite simply countering the players who very often use the continuation bet and this, by following the setting on the flop in order to have information at lower cost at the turn.

Floating the flop: an opportunity that is seized

To perform this type of action, it is not necessary to have a great hand, which is why this technique is considered more of a bluff than a strategy in poker. Thus, like any bluff, it is important to have the best situation at your disposal as well as a quality player to have the maximum chance of success. In addition, it would be more judicious to say that it is always important to have the position. It is simply imposed to make a check-call on the flop in order to bet after the opponents’ check, otherwise the player runs towards his loss and that of the river. Indeed, the Float requires a real position which gives the opportunity to properly exploit the weaknesses present on the turn.

The Float during a one-on-one poker game

To use the float , it is best to be head-to-head, in other words, heads-up. Indeed, it is not possible to use this strategy against 3 or more players. Indeed, if the 3rd player chooses to call the bet on the flop, it is because he has an excellent hand and he surely knows what he is doing. It is best to try to eliminate this type of player. However, taking out a participant who has a justified and correct game remains very difficult, mainly at low limits. However, it is possible to call the preflop after each player. Whether the player calls, raises or folds on the flop on raises, coming face to face is the opportunity or never to apply this procedure.

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