Counter-Theft: All You Need To Know

To win at Texas Hold’em Poker, players must observe their opponents carefully throughout the game in order to be able to implement the most effective playing strategies. In fact, the Texas Hold’em Poker strategies are numerous so that you can adapt each technique to your way of playing as well as to the different playing situations that you may encounter. In what follows, we invite you to discover the Counter-theft strategy also known as the Resteal technique. This has a number of advantages that allow you to relent quite profitably, regardless of your hand. How to use Counter-theft? When to use it? We answer all your questions in this article.

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How To Isolate The Different Types Of Players?

As you have just seen, the isolation game allows you to face a single player to have more chance of winning. However, the technique of insulation does not apply all the time for the same purposes nor in the same way. Indeed, the isolation technique can be used on three different types of players , namely:

  • ,
  • the maniacs,
  • short-stacks.

Each player must be isolated differently depending on your playing strategy. In this sense, you must clearly identify your opponent in order to know how to isolate him.

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When And Where Can The Insulation Set Be Used?

Whatever technique you want to employ to maximize your chances of winning in poker, you must learn how to use it properly.

In addition to understanding the technique and how it works, you must also learn to choose the right moment when you are going to implement it.

The isolation game is best used with a small mat if you are facing a “ Short Stack ” player. This method is generally used in tournaments where the players are practically all experienced.

Also, if you need to isolate a limper, it is best to use this technique during a cash game .

For your isolation game to be effective, you need to employ it once you are in position. This is how you will have the opportunity to increase your chances of winning a pot, especially if it has been inflated following numerous limp re-raises.

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The Isolation Game: How To Profit From It?

To play poker, it is important to be aware of certain techniques and strategies that will allow you to increase your chances of winning. Of course, it is not possible to win every time, but it is always more interesting to know how to make your opponents play as you would have liked. Among the poker strategies that you can use, we present here the technique of isolation. When to use it? How? ‘Or’ What ? With whom ? Find all the answers to these questions to properly set up the insulation game and optimize your earnings.

What is the insulation game?

The technique of isolation or ” Isolation move ” is an action that you can implement in order to reduce the number of opponents and thus increase your own chances of winning the pot in a hand. This technique is ideal when you do not want to play with several people on a pot and take advantage of your position according to the hand you have available. To do this, you just need to isolate a player who, according to your statistics, gives you more chances of winning. The isolation technique can also be used to win after a flop .

In practice, the isolation game involves over-throwing the player you want to isolate. The latter must have already raised at the start of a hand. In this way, you can “hunt” the other players in order to play face to face with the player you have isolated. This way, depending on your hand, you will have a 50% chance of winning the pot. Try to observe the other players well in order to target the player who will have a less strong hand than yours.

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Aside from the basic strategies described above, players have others available, including “insurance”, “tie” and “surrender”. The first two options are found in all blackjack games, while the last one is very rare in casinos.


For this, the player must pay half of his initial bet, which protects him against the “natural” of the croupier. The dealer looks at his card face down after the players have chosen to take insurance or not. If the dealer has a “natural” players lose their original bet amount, and their insurance bet wins them 2: 1 (read two to one). Otherwise, players lose their insurance bet and continue to play their hand.

Equality or Setting 1: 1

If a player has a “natural” (ie blackjack), and if the dealer’s face up card is an ace, the player can bet 1: 1. This protects the player from a tie if the dealer also had blackjack. This bet, like insurance, costs half of the original bet, and if the dealer has blackjack, then the player gets his original bet and money back to 2: 1.


Few of the casinos where abandonment is allowed, which does not mean that this option does not exist. It allows you to give up only half of the initial bet if the player considers that he has a losing hand. He must also give up before folding or staying, otherwise his initial bet will be forfeited.

The general rule is that the player may not give up or continue play until Early or Late. If he gives up early, he then recovers half of his original bet without the dealer looking at his hand. Of course, you will understand why this option, very advantageous for the player, is not often available in casinos. More often, in blackjack, there are late surrenders. This allows the player to give up the game only when the dealer has looked at his own card (the one face down) to see if he has blackjack.

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